Real Estate Engineering

What about?

J Corella

4/14/20232 min read

We might think that all the articles that are published have a clear motivation, they mostly have a motivation, but they are rarely clear.

The message we find may be hidden between letters, between analogies or simply an indirect theme to the main theme that afflicts us, but we have a gift for you.

This content is to raise awareness, the expected result is, that you make better decisions or that you ratify the correct decisions you have made.

If you intend or have just invested in a property, personally I believe faithfully that the decision is good, although there are unknowns that can change that idea depending on the cost, location, state and purpose of the property, there is much more important information, but those four I think are the first to analyze before any project.

The cost is one of the first things to analyze, if your investment is cash or credit, you must verify if you are buying at a fair price, opportunity or with an acceptable recovery, maybe it is only a purchase for pleasure, but the advice is that you always take care of your capital.

The location is tied directly to the destination and cost of the property, a well-located property can be an excellent investment, but at least two factors are taken into account, its macro location and its micro location. For example, being located in the Riviera Maya, but very far from the current and upcoming development, if your destination is to be a housing project, it is likely that the cost is low, but its construction is not viable at this time, there are other factors such as the area, land use, local development plans, other projects, etc. that must be taken into account in the analysis.

The purpose is something that I recommend you to be very clear, if it is business, vacation property, mixed, surplus value, flow, etc. The property may be the same, but they have a different treatment, but in all possibilities it is heritage that must be maintained in optimal conditions, both for yields and for cost reduction.

The general condition of the property is important in any of the destinations you raise, the legal part, the tax part, the physical part, risks and opportunities, all of the above are linked to each other, something essential in any property, is the care of this.

The properties need to be kept safe and in good condition, physical and legal, you may think of a land that is idle at the moment, but you must keep it in good condition and avoid being invaded or destroyed, some could use it as a junk deposit just to see it alone, imagine what an abandoned house could mean of opportunity for someone and your misfortune.

But better a positive approach, what could be done with that property? Maybe the best thing is to wait, maybe you could invest it, you could sell, it would be convenient to rent, mortgage, develop, contribute, change or simply improve. Do not break your head, this article is not to stress you, it is to remind you that you have possibilities. Active or passive At the moment it is not vital to make decisions, remember to be calm when you need to make decisions, it is usually better that way.

I hope I have reached the point of serving you in something with these words, maybe the subject seems incomplete and maybe you have more doubts, but the purpose was clear.